Creative Escapes Studio now has pottery! We offer walk-in pottery ranging in prices from $10 up! NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! Come in, pick out your piece and glaze it with as many colors as you like! Specialty glazes, tools, stencils and more provided! Firing turn-around is 3 days from glaze date!

In addition to painting pre-molded bisque (clay fired once) we also offer air dry clay and high fire Amaco clay.

AIR DRY CLAY- $15 p/lb Includes walk-in studio time, and the second session to paint the dried piece.

HIGH FIRE CLAY – $20 p/lb Includes walk-in studio time and second session to glaze. The piece will be available for pick up 3 days from the second session.

Call us for more info! (770) 688-0241 or fill out the contact form to the right.

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